Dr Phil Havercroft

  Dr Phil Havercroft hails from the well-renowned Leamore Nursery in Ashford, Co. Wicklow - the Garden County. Phil is one of Ireland’s best growers, and peony roses are one of his specialities, along with beautiful varieties of allium.

   Dr Havercroft is also secretary of the Irish Specialist Nursery Association.


Dr. Dilis Clare

   Dr Dilis Clare is dubbed the “Herb Doctor”, speaks with passion and with a relaxed down to earth style about the relevance of herbs in every aspect of life. She bridges the gap between “natural herbal” and “integrated medicine” and the drug avalanche heading down the slopes. If “your health is your wealth” and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” then Dr Clare speaks about the top priority of everyone in the audience.

   She is the clinical director of a healthcare team embracing physiotherapy, counselling, nutrition and embraces energy medicine, shamanism and electromagnetic medicine. She is a business innovator with her own range of products and online business.

   Having qualified as a medical doctor at the National University of Ireland Dublin, her experience encompasses general practice, family medicine and embraced the healing power of herbs following graduation with a BSc (Hons) from the Middlesex University UK in 1999.  Dr Clare has led many public speaking events related to herbal medicine including Herbs for Menopause, Natural Approaches to Raised Cholesterol, Herbs for a Healthy Heart in Ireland. Audiences include the ICA, Business Groups, BNI and Galway Charity and Community Groups and lactation Specialists of Ireland in 2011.  Dr Clare is an avid gardener and has spoken at Bloom for the past two years and is one of the key speakers at last years Herbfeast. Dr Clare has a regular drive time phone in radio show on Dublin Q102 radio station. Dr Clare’s speaking style is knowledgeable, story laden, down to earth from the heart, interactive and humorous. Narrative Medicine –listening to your own story to uncover your key to health.

Dr. Rosamund Bartlett

‘Chekhov's Healing Gardens’

Rosamund Bartlett is a writer whose biography, Chekhov: Scenes from a Life, was inspired by the experience of translating his lyrical prose about the steppe landscapes of his childhood and the gardens he visited on Russian country estates. As well as her Chekhov anthology About Love and Other Stories, her translations include the first unexpurgated collection of his letters for Penguin Classics. She began a campaign to help preserve Chekhov's house in Yalta in 2008, and is now one of the Anton Chekhov Foundation Trustees responsible for overseeing the Chekhov Healing Garden project.

Evelyn Cusack, Deputy Head, Met ÉireannDr. Evelyn Cusack

    Evelyn Cusack is is the Deputy Head of Forecasting in Met Éireann, Ireland's meteorological service. Evelyns primary role is to communicate the expected weather with the Irish public which includes providing timely warnings of severe weather in order to help save lives and property on land, at sea and in the air. The title of Evelyn's talk this year is "Red Sky at Night...Shepherd's Delight"

    Promoting The Scientific Method as applied to Meteorology is also her passion. 'If dolphins and leaping frogs and moon dances could predict the weather, I would be the first to use them but I have scientific proof that they can't so I don't!' says Evelyn.

    The title of Evelyn's 2014 talk was 'Ireland's weather: A journey through time'. Evelyn  took us through the eons and show us how lucky we are to exist at all on this unique planet and in particular what a benign climate we have in Ireland.

Helen Dillon

  'Evolution of the Garden'

  Helen Dillon is considered one of the most perceptive gardeners of our time. She has lived in Ireland for the past thirty eight years and her garden in Sandford Road, Dublin, has featured in magazines worldwide.A respected author, journalist, broadcaster and garden consultant, Helen has travelled to Nepal, Patagonia, New Zealand, Africa and China on plant expeditions.

   In 1999, Helen was awarded the Gold Veitch Memorial Medal of the the Royal Horticultural Society in England and in 2003, the George Robert White Medal of Honour of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. In 2004, she was made a Distinguished Counsellor to the Board of the New York Botanical Garden.


Fionnuala Fallon

Fionnuala Fallon

    A horticulturist, garden writer and garden designer, Fionnuala Fallon is the gardening correspondent for The Irish Times and a regular contributor to many garden magazines.

    Her first book, ‘From the Ground Up: How Ireland is Growing Its Own’ produced in collaboration with her photographer husband Richard Johnston, was published by Collins Press in 2012.


Julie Feeney

Julie Feeney, singer, songwriter has been described as:-
"..intricate, articulate...draws on sources across centuries..Ms. Feeney's songs don't just shout. They tease, ponder, reminisce, philosophize and invent parables and she sings them in a plush, changeable, mezzo-soprano that usually holds a kindly twinkle".(New York Times)

"...mesmerising stage presence and eccentric pop genius" (Hot Press)

The full production and premiere of her opera 'BIRD', inspired by Oscar Wilde's 'The Happy Prince' is expected in 2015.
Her albums 'Clocks', 'pages' and '13 songs are all available on U.S.iTunes.

Julie Feeney New York Video

Julie Feeney Huffington Post Review
Julie Feeney's website:


Anja GohlkeAnja Gohlke

 ‘The Resurrection of the Great Garden of Kylemore -  and some insights for Gardeners on the Western Seaboard’
Anja first came to Kylemore for work experience in 2001 in year before its garden won the prestigious Europa Nostra Award.  She had recently completed a 5 year Master degree in Landscape architecture and environmental planning  at Humboldt University for Applied Science in her native city of Berlin. Joining the team at Kylemore, she became Head Gardener in 2004 and has been a major force in transforming Kylemore  - in its heyday compared in magnificence to Kew Gardens in London – back to its rightful place as one of the Great Gardens of Ireland. She has much insight to offer for creation of gardens around boglands and storm-lashed Atlantic coastal regions. She is an accomplished Teacher, Speaker and garden Designer


Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly at work.

Michael Kelly is a freelance journalist, social entrepreneur and founder of the GIY ( Grow It Yourself ) movement in Ireland. This transforming and enabling organisation now has sister groups in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Holland.

Membership of the GIY is growing exponentially in Ireland and the subscribers to enjoy great instruction on how and what to grow in Ireland and much more.

"If we can get enough people to grow some of their own food...we can really start to impact people's health strengthen communities and protect the environment" says Michael.

Michael is the author of 'Trading Places' and 'Tales from Home Farm'. More information at and


Klaus Laitenberger

Klaus Laitenberger

Klaus Laitenberger is the author of 'Vegetables for the Irish Garden' and 'Vegetables for the polytunnel and Green house'.

He managed a four acre organic garden in England before he moved to Ireland in 1999

He was Head Gardener for seven years at The Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim following which he started the garden restoration of Lisadell House, Co. Sligo.

He is a mentor and consultant in organic horticulture and lectures widely on horticulture. His website is well recommended, as is the new app. "A Vegetable Grower's Gardening App" which you can download from

Bernard O'Donoghue

Bernard O'Donoghue, distinguished poet, critic and translator, grew up in Cullen, Co. Cork, and returns there frequently. Since the 1960s he has lived and worked at Oxford. He is a Fellow of Wadham College, where he taught Medieval English and Modern Irish poetry. His criticism covers a broad range, from the medieval to the contemporary.

He has six collections of poetry to date. Gunpowder (1995) won that year's Whitbread Prize for Poetry. His most recent collections, Selected Poems (2008) and Farmers Cross (2011), are published by Faber.

Often drawing on the rural world of his native Cork, his poems have a scrupulous emotional honesty about life, love and death. They are by turns celebratory and consolatory.

Lady's Smock LADY'S SMOCK

Past the odour-of-sanctity primroses
in their tight nests of wrinkle-green

by the well, and the violets,
hardly daring to breathe, on the ditch
above them. On to the wet fields

and the wiry filigree below

the girl’s-dress mauve elegance

of this flower, rooted amid rush-spires,

just come out at the start of a new season.

A view of Oliver Schurmann's creation

Oliver Schurmann

Liat and Oliver Schurmann run Mount Venus Nursery in Dublin cultivating over 1600 different species and varieties of perennials. Their official website is .

Duncan Stewart (Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances).

Duncan Stewart is a champion of sustainable living, a passionate environmentalist, architect and broadcaster. His TV series 'Eco Eye' is now in its twelfth series.

He has set up a grass-roots movement in local energy and local food. He would like to see

" within the next three years, every village in Ireland having its own small co-operative for food and energy because less than one per cent of energy and less than two percent of food, is produced in our villages and our towns. I want to see the European Parliament support small communities and villages in every part of Europe".

(Each year, Ireland imports 91% of its energy, which costs six and a half BILLION euro)

Dom Anthony Keane, OSB, Glenstal Abbey, Co. Limerick.

'Walking in the Cool of the Evening' is the title of Br. Anthony's talk on Sunday at 3.30pm, July 7th in Claregalway Castle.

"The Mystagogy of the Forest, Sunday July 30th or Sun. August 6th

are retreat days to which you are invited to disengage from the noble struggles of life by spending a day in Glenstal Abbey The morning will be spent with Bendictine monk Br. Anthony and the afternoon will be time for personal quiet, space and reflection".

Trees are written for our benefit
their dance of competition and diplomacy
their uprightness and faithfulness in prayer
their memories of the past and of the future
all find a resonance in the deep buried presence of ourselves.

Further details at

Patric and Sylvie Quibel

Patric and Sylvie Quibel have designed 'Le Jardin Plume' over the last fifteen years and have received numerous international awards, including 'Best Modern Garden' in France.

Their garden has featured in both TV programmes, documentaries and the international press.

"The garden is based on longstanding formal French gardening traditions like in Versailles or Veau-de-Vicomte...a fascinating work of art"

"It represents a thoughtful vision of several nationalities....I love it " Robin Lane Fox, 'Thoughtful Gardening'

Brendan Sayers

Brendan Sayers trained in the National Botanic Gardens and he has spent the majority of his career there, where he oversees the Glasshouse Collections and specialises in orchids.

His tropical focus is on the orchids of the smaller Central American country of Belize, to which he has led many expeditions and he sits on the Board of Directors of Belize Botanical Gardens.

Among his published works are the much coveted duo of Ireland's Wild Orchids and Ireland's Wild Orchids - a field Guide with botanical artist Susan Sex. Though published in 2004, the former is classified as a rare Irish book and the latter has recently been published by The Collins Press.

In 2011, he received the H. H. Bloomer Medal from the Linnean Society of London for raising the profile of Irish Orchids.

Tanguy de Toulgoët

Tanguy de Toulgoët is a highly skilled gardener. He has been pursuing his passion for kitchen gardening for four decades.

He is a kitchen gardening consultant and lecturer in Dunmore Country School, Durrow, Co. Laois, his beautiful kitchen gardens, where he teaches all his gardening techniques

Dunmore Country School has featured in The Living Garden by Jane Powers and in From the Ground Up by Fionnuala Fallon and also on television in Dermot's Secret Garden, on Nationwide, on local, national and international media including The Washington Post.

Diarmuid Gavin

Diarmuid Gavin is acknowledged as a most innovative and original garden designer.

He was twice awarded the Dublin RDS Gold Medal for garden design in the 1990s. As well as winning Bronze and Silver-gilt medals in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, he won the Chelsea Gold Medal for his Sky Garden design in 2011 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

In 2007 Diarmuid was awarded an honorary doctorate from Nottingham Trent University in recognition of his international reputation for garden design.

His TV work includes many series for RTE and the BBC: 'Home Front in the Garden', 'Gardens Through Time', 'Art in the Garden' and he has co-presented the Chelsea Flower Show with Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh.

As well as being the author of eight books on gardening, Diarmuid is a patron of many charities including 'The Rose Project' which supports AIDS sufferers in Africa.

Further information can be viewed on Diarmuid Gavin Designs

Dr. Matthew Jebb, Director, National Botanic Gardens, Ireland.

Joy Larkcom

Joy Larkcom has been growing and writing about vegetables for more than forty years and is considered one of the world's leading experts. Her work has been deeply influenced by travels in Europe, China, Japan, Canada and the USA, searching for new edible plants and cultivation techniques. With the help of her husband, Don Pollard, this has led to the introduction of many exciting salad plants and oriental vegetables.

Joy is a well-known author, journalist and lecturer and she has taken part in many radio and TV broadcasts in both Ireland and England.

Her books include 'Creative Vegetable Gardening', 'Oriental Vegetables', 'Salads for Small Gardens', 'The Organic Salad Garden', the classics' Grow your Own Vegetables' and 'The Vegetable Garden Displayed'.

Joy won the Garden Writer of the Year award three times, and was awarded the prestigious Veitch Memorial Medal for services to horticulture in 1993. In 2003 she was presented with the Garden Writers' Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.

He book 'Just Vegetating: A Memoir' was published this May, 2012.

Dr Marina Levitina

'The Gifts of Dandelion'

Dr Marina Levitina is an educator, author, and film-maker, and is passionate about plants and nature.
Dandelion is one of our most under-appreciated native plants. It offers a treasure trove of gifts for human health and the health of the land. This talk will focus on the beneficial properties of Dandelion as an edible and medicinal plant. The talk will be followed by a Music of the Plants demonstration. 

Tom Moggach

Tom Moggach is a gardener, food writer and teacher. He is author of 'The Urban Kitchen Gardener' (Kyle books) and runs City Leaf, a company that teaches people of all ages how to grow and cook their own food. As a journalist, he has written for publications such as The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times. Twitter:@Tom Moggach

Dr.Dermot O'Flynn

     'Tending your inner Garden'
Dr Dermot O Flynn ,a London based GP with herbal tendencies.... "Some Common Herbs in General Practice "

  Graduated in UCC in 1981 , the son of a local Cork GP, has trailed his medical wares around the globe till finally settling in General Practice in London. He works in the NHS in Brixton, London and privately in Chelsea. He is able to draw from Acupuncture, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs ,and Allopathic Medicine when setting up treatment plans for his patients.
  He is also interested in the concept of  Fasting and the associated health benefits. He runs a Cleanse programme in Cumuruxatiba, Bahia, Brazil with retreats organised throughout the year.

Erwan Tymen

Erwan Tymen is one of France's very well known landscape and garden designers. In 2011, he was awarded the Artistic Prize in the Pierre-Joseph Redoute Awards. He is the author of 'Les Jardins Paysages d'Erwan Tymen'' and '19 Jardins'. He has designed gardens in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Andalusia.

He has regularly participated in the NANTES International Flower Show and the Vincennes Flower Show in Paris.

His garden lectures have brought him to Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Chile. He is a designer and consultant to Villes et Conseil General in Brittany.

Since 2008 Erwan Tymen devotes his time exclusively to garden design.

He is a regular vistor to Ireland and has a great affection for Connemara. For more see

Mr. Gordon D'Arcy, Naturalist and Author.

Gordon D' Arcy is a leading expert in Irish heritage and agraduate in Environmental Science from Trinity College Dublin. He has a particular interest in the Burren, which he has researched extensively for many years and to which he leads field trips for students and visiting scholars.

He has published many books and papers on wildlife including "The Natural History of the Burren" and "Guide to the Birds of Ireland" (1981). His most recent book is "Ireland's Lost Birds" (2003).

Dr. John Feehan:

Dr. John Feehan is Senior Lecturer in The School of Agriculture, Food Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin. He has written extensively on Ireland’s environmental history and heritage.He is author of numerous books including: ‘The Landscape of Slieve Bloom: A Study of Its Natural and Human History’, ‘Laois: An Environmental History’, ‘Climate Variation and Climate Change in Ireland’, ‘My Village, My World’, ‘The Bogs of Ireland: An Introduction to the Natural, Cultural and Industrial Heritage of Ireland’s Peatlands’.

His book ‘Farming in Ireland: History, Heritage and Environment’ was published to great acclaim. Dr. Feehan has also co authored many books including ‘The Magic of Coole’ and ‘Wildflowers of Offaly’ which was written with Grace O’ Donovan. He is the recipient of many awards for environmental work and for Television work.

Dr. Matthew Jebb:

Dr. Matthew Jebb is Director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland and has been Keeper of the Herbarium and Taxonomist of the Gardens since 1998. He gained his primary degree at Oxford University, where he also did his Ph.D. He was Director of the Christiansen Research Institute, Papua, New Guinea from 1987-1993. He was a post-doctoral researcher at Trinity College, Dublin.

In 2005, he was nominated by Ireland as the European vice-president on the bureau of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Convention is one of the United Nations Environmental Program's most significant bodies for the conservation of nature at a global scale. He is currently Chairman of Planetnetwork, the Plant Collections Network of Britain and Ireland. He is also Chair of the Praeger Committee of the Royal Irish Academy.

Dr. Anna Jeffrey-Gibson:

Coming from a long line of botanists and gardeners Anna was brought up in Dublin. She graduated from T.C.D. with a science degree before moving to Galway in 1987 to persue a PhD in Geology. Always interested in plants – especially eadable ones – foraging for wild food and growing fruit and veg has always been an essential passion. Married to Ivan and living and farming in Kinvara Co. Galway life revolves around helping Ivan to build a house, farm an Aberdeen Angus suckler herd, establish a garden and orchard, keep chickens, ducks, donkeys, ponies, dogs and cats and teach part-time - ecology and geography to school students and as a tutor with Kinvara Sustainable Living. She is also a very keen cook and general foodie specialising in local and seasonal food, especially home grown or foraged produce.

Kinvara Sustainable Living was founded jointly by Anna and Lynn O’Keeffe-Lascar with the mission statement ‘to encourage small scale food production’ – as a horticultural outreach, based in Kinvara they run winter and spring evening courses in fruit and veg growing and day and weekend classes on diverse aspects of small scale food production –

Niall Mac Coitir

Niall Mac Coitir grew up in Dublin in a bilingual environment with a love of Irish culture, history and nature. He has read widely on these subjects and began writing about the folklore of Irish nature and wildlife. Since graduating from University College Dublin, he has worked in Fingal County Council. His published books include Irish Trees: Myths, Legends and Folklore, (2003); Irish Wild Plants: Myths, Legends and Folklore, (2006); and Ireland’s Animals: Myths, Legends and Folklore, (2010).


Dr.Dermot O'Flynn

 'Tending your inner Garden'
   Dr Dermot O Flynn ,a London based GP with herbal tendencies.... "Some Common Herbs in General Practice "

  Graduated in UCC in 1981 , the son of a local Cork GP, has trailed his medical wares around the globe till finally settling in General Practice in London. He works in the NHS in Brixton, London and privately in Chelsea. He is able to draw from Acupuncture, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs ,and Allopathic Medicine when setting up treatment plans for his patients.

  He is also interested in the concept of  Fasting and the associated health benefits. He runs a Cleanse programme in Cumuruxatiba, Bahia, Brazil with retreats organised throughout the year.


Mr. Paul Price:

Paul Price made the oak roof and screen of the Great Hall and Middle Chamber at Claregalway Castle. He has solo carpentered many new jointed and pegged frames Irish oak for new houses and gardens as well as roofs and other works for four castles in Ireland and he has done conservation repairs to many historic buildings (cathedrals, barns, churches, and houses). He worked in England and Scotland, as lead carpenter on many projects including a house featured on Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’, and the oak screen at Stirling Castle in Scotland.

His international traditional framing projects include: the Covered Bridge, Guelph, Ontario, the Trebuchets at Loch Ness and medieval loft and log buildings in Norway. He has taught traditional carpentry - building frames with no power tools.He also contributes to the North American and UK traditional timber framing journals. He co-founded "The Mortice and Tenon", the UK journal of traditional timberwork and lectures on historic timber building conservation and repair, as part of the Applied Building Repair and Conservation Masters Course at Trinity College, Dublin.

Prof. Oliver Rackham OBE:

Prof. Oliver Rackham OBE is a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge. He is the Keeper of the College Silver. In 1998, Prof. Rackham was awarded an OBE " for services to Nature Conservation" and in 2001, he was awarded the Peter Scott Memorial Medal. He was appointed the Honorary Professor of Historical Ecology in the Department of Plant Sciences, in the University of Cambridge.

He is an acknowledged authority on the countryside of Britain, especially on trees, on woodlands, and on wood pasture. He has also published extensively on the ecology of Crete and Greece. He is the author of numerous books among which, are: 'Trees and Woodlands in the British Countryside', 1976, 'History of the Countryside: the full, fascinating history of Britain's Landscape', 1986, 'Trees and Woodland in the British Landscape', 2001, 'The Illustrated History of the Countryside', 2001 and 'Woodlands', 2006.

Thomas Pakenham:

Thomas Pakenham is a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford University. He is an Irish historian and arborist and has written several prize-winning books on diverse subjects of Victorian and Post-Victorian British history, on Irish history, on African history and on Trees.

He is author of the acclaimed book 'The Scramble for Africa' and also of 'The Mountains of Rasselas: Ethiopian Adventure', The Year of Liberty: The History of the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798, 'The Boer War', 'Meetings With Remarkable Trees', 'Remarkable Trees of the World' and of 'The Remarkable Baobab'.

He is Chairman of The Irish Tree Society.

Tim Robinson, Cartographer and Author

Tim Robonson was born in Yorkshire and read maths in Cambridge University. He worked as a visual artist in Istanbul, Vienna and London, after which he settled in the Aran Islands off Connemara.

His maps are renowned for their scholarly exactitude and artistry and inform the visitor about the region's culture, landscapes and nourish community spirit by identifying the irreplaceable uniqueness of local environment and history.

He is author of the trilogy Stones of Aran, Stones of Aran: Pilgrimage, Stones of Aran: Labyrinth and the trilogy Connemara: Listening to the Wind, Connemara: The last Pool of Darkness, Connemara: A Little Gaelic Kingdom

Dr. Cilliian Roden, Botanist and Ecologist.

Dr Cillian Roden is a local botanist and ecologist who has written many journal articles including those on the flora of the Burren. He has a diversity of interest and research experience in many areas of ecology and is regular speaker at environmental conferences in Ireland.

Kitty Scully

Kitty Scully    Growing up on an organic mixed farm in Co Laois, Kitty Scully became interested and passionate about home grown food at an early age. After years working on organic small holdings around the world, Kitty returned to Ireland and completed a Diploma in Organic Horticulture & Sustainable Living and recently achieved first class honours in an MSc in Organic Horticulture amidst a busy gardening, writing and teaching career.

    Best known for her RTE 1 series’ How to Create a Garden’, Kitty also writes a weekly vegetable gardening and foraging column for the Irish Examiner. In 2009, gaelic speaking Kitty contributed to TG4’s gardening programme, An Garraí Glas and in 2010 she visited community gardens around Ireland, co presenting RTÉ’s Corrigan Cooks Naturally. Kitty is now the Food Grower at Airfield House in Dundrum, a fabulously newly designed productive yet pretty space in Airfield where Kitty and the team share their passion and commitment to the production and consumption of local, seasonal home grown food. The title for Kitty's talk this 2015 is "Pretty and Productive Gardening".

Jane Stark

'An Intrepid Breed: Four centuries of female botanical artists'
   Jane Stark is Jane Starka botanical artist with a background in graphic design. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada and working in commercial art studios in Canada and the US, Jane moved to Ireland, where she spent over 30 years working as a book designer and natural history illustrator. In 2004, she wrote and published, with her husband, a very popular field guide, Connemara Wild Flowers. In 2010 she completedThe Emirates Natural History, a highly illustrated encyclopaedia of Arabian wildlife (Trident Press). Jane now concentrates on painting both wild and cultivated plants in watercolour, as well as curating the successful annual Claregalway Botanical Art Expo and running a botanical painting course in Moycullen, Co. Galway. She was awarded a silver-gilt medal for one of her paintings at the 2015 Bloom Floral and Botanical Painting Exhibition.

Website:     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. William Smyth:

"William J Smyth is Professor Emeritus of Geography at University College Cork, where he held the Chair of Geography since 1977 . He has lectured at many universities, including Syracuse University, N.Y., California State at san Fernando, Los Angeles and University College Dublin . He was elected a member of The Royal Irish Academy in 1999.

A former editor of Irish Geography and co-editor of Common Ground: Essays on the Historical Geography pf Ireland (1988), he has published widely on Ireland's social and cultural geography and he wrote a new introduction to the second edition of Pender's A Census of Ireland circa 1659 (2002).
His prize-winning book ‘Mapmaking, Landscape and Memory: A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland c. 1530-1750' was published in 2006.
He has co-edited the major study ‘Atlas of the Irish Famine’ with John Crowley and Mike Murphy, Department of Geography, UCC.

Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor

   Welcome to Alice Taylor’s garden:  ‘Just inside the gate, hand-painted on a rickety piece of timber, is a little sign: Miracles only grow where you plant them. I saw it in a garden centre and could not resist it. This garden is full of my lack of resistance. I have no in-depth gardening knowledge and I work on impulse.

   ‘My gardening expertise, acquired through trial and error, is nurtured by the unbelievable pleasure that I have discovered in simply digging the earth. Where does that satisfaction come from? Maybe buried deep in each of us is the secret need to cultivate the soil. Digging the earth breathes life back into us.’

   A reflective and uplifting account by Alice Taylor of her love of nature and gardening.

Alan Whetham

'Getting the best from your roses'

  Alan Whetham's background immediately prior to opening Just Roses was as a Garden Centre proprietor for 22 years.  In 2011 he took a decision to close the Garden Centre (Granagh Nurseries Co. Limerick) having failed to sell it as a going concern for some prior years.   During the years at Granagh Nurseries Alan recognised the need to specialise, and as a rose lover decided to try to establish myself as a reliable rose supplier....with some considerable success. Alan held an annual "Rose Day" each June with great support so it seemed a natural road to take to continue with his love of and interest in roses when he had left the garden centre behind for a new venture, hence the launch of Ireland's only specialist dedicated rose centre transpired when Just Roses opened in the spring of 2012 at Woodview Kilfinane Co. Limerick. 

As Just Roses we have enjoyed 5 years of progress with our beautiful roses and have successfully established ourselves as a (the) specialist rose centre providing the rose enthusiast and general garden lovers with a vast range of top quality Irish grown roses numbering some 3000 roses and over 200 varieties.  All this achievement would not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of Alan's lovely wife Josie who despite the fact that she says that the care of our roses are more time consuming than rearing babies (she reared 5 of them) has been a great motivator. 
So onward and upward we only have today, yesterday is history, tomorrow is the unknown........  always take time to smell the roses.

Carl Wright

'Making a garden in the West of Ireland'
- The Caher Bridge Garden Story

Carl Wright is the creator & owner of Caher BCarl Wrightridge Garden in The Burren, Co Clare. This award winning garden
was begun in 1999 and has been developed in the most inhospitable conditions imaginable. With a background in Ecology Carl has designed his garden to fit as sympathetically as possible into it's surrounding landscape, both on an ecological and visual level. An avid plant collector, the garden is now home to several notable plant collections, which include Ferns, primulas, hostas. mahonia, galanthus, geum, bergenia, & hydrangea. The garden has featured in many publications, magazines & books. Carl is a regular speaker throughout Ireland & the UK on various wildlife and horticultural subjects, and is also a regular contributor to various horticultural publications.