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CBM Ireland is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world. We do this by working with partner organisations to deliver programmes in these countries, responding to emergencies and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Overseas Programmes

CBM works with over 483 partner organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to deliver programmes for medical services, healthcare, community-based rehabilitation, education and livelihood  opportunities for people with disabilities and their families. 

Emergency Response

In times of emergency resulting from conflict or natural disaster, CBM works to ensure that the needs and rights of people with disabilities are not forgotten. We partner with local organisations to provide access to emergency relief and to include people with disabilities in response efforts.


In Ireland and internationally, CBM works to protect the human rights of people with disabilities. We promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in development commitments and policies by working with governments,state agencies and other development organisations.

Facts about CBM Ireland & World BlindnessTypical   outback trails followed by CBM volunteers & personnel

  • CBM's vision is to achieve an inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.
  • CBM has 1,000 relief projects in over 100 countries and works together with more than 700 partners in developing countries.
  • Trachoma ( affecting 21 million people) – is an infectious eye disease, and the leading cause of global infectious blindness Re-infection can occur many times, causing the eye lid to turn under, scarring the cornea with every painful blink. In time, the eye becomes so badly damaged that blindness is inevitable and irreversible. Trachoma quickly spreads through families and communities. It costs just €3 to provide enough Tetracycline eye ointment to treat a whole family.
  • Cataract is the single largest cause of blindness in the world and is responsible for half of world blindness, which represents around 18 million people. A 15 minute cataract operation costs just €30 for an adult and €120 for a child.
  • River Blindness (affecting 37 million people) – is a parasitic disease caused by a roundworm and is the world's second-leading infectious cause of blindness. The infection can be treated, but once blindness occurs, it is irreversible. One dose of Mectizan®, costing just €1 to provide (or €10 for a complete course), will halt the advance of blindness
  • Vitamin A Deficiency can cause permanent blindness and has resulted in 1.5 million children losing their sight. This year an estimated 350,000 children will go blind. This can be prevented with two or three vitamin capsules per year. Each tablet costs 45cent. CBM distributed vitamin A tablets to over 68,000 adults and children in 2014.
  • Vision 2020: the Right to Sight has as its goal, the eradication of all preventable and curable blindness by the year 2020. In 1997 the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised CBM as a professional agency in the prevention of blindness. For more information about Vision 2020 please visit www.v2020.org

    90% of people who are blind live in the poorest parts of the developing world.


    80% of blindness is treatable or preventable.



    To provide cost-efficient treatment for these eye diseases and to improve available surgical facilities CBM supports and sponsors.

    To provide cost-efficient treatment for these eye diseases and to improve available surgical facilities CBM supports and sponsors;


    • Eye care services and hospitals
    • Training for eye specialists and ophthalmic nurses
    • Eye care programmes and programmes for eye prevention
    • The production and distribution of eye medicine

    A typical   eye-patient recovering after a CBM operation.

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